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SpecialReplicas.com is an online shop with a very vast assortment of weapon, armour, equipment and historical clothing replicas. Customers will be able to find impressive melee weapons reproductions - pointed, edged and trauma, as well as a variety of firearms known from both recent and distant past. The company works with some of the best producers of replicas, to bring their customers the most recognisable arms, like M1 Garand, Mauser pistols, Winchester Rifle or famous swords - katana, sabres and many more.

M1 Garand replica

M1 Grand replica offered by the company is a highly detailed product, baring a striking resemblance to the real version. The weapon has been introduced first in the United States, where it was given to soldiers fighting in the World War II. It is a gas-operated semi-automatic rifle which has been appreciated for its reliable aiming and used by marksmen to shoot at a long range. The M1 Garand replica available in the online shop is the same size as the original, while being slightly lighter, weighing 3,6 kg instead of 4,31 kg.

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Offer: M1 garand replica

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