Replicas of swords and firearms - is a dependable online shop, specialising in the vast selection of replicas of historical weapons. Their offer includes firearms - used by WWI and WWII soldiers, pirates or participants of the Civil War, swords - medieval, renaissance and even antique ones, but also armour and clothes imitating those worn by our ancestors. The company always try to supply the most diverse options of both well-known and less popular weapons, so you will definitely find the product you are interested in. Visit the site soon and learn more about the replicas they sell.

A historically accurate Roman sword

Feel like a Roman soldier with an impressive sword remarkably imitating exhibits at museums from The collection presented by this reliable seller includes both Gladiator-like blades, as well as those reminiscing weapons used by centurions. If you are one of those people who want to prepare a complete costume, the shop offers also the complete armour and other accessories. Each Roman sword is made of stainless steel and the majority of them are also equipped with complimentary scabbards.

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