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Progressive Solicitors company employs only lawyers with great knowledge and experience, in order to provide you with the highest quality of services. They will do their best to achieve the given goals and they will always work on your behalf. They are specialised in getting compensation after, for example, accidents, criminal assaults, holiday illnesses or clinical negligence. They can fight not only for money for you, but also for the best rehabilitation possible, if you were severely injured.

Car accident compensation

Car accident compensation is one of the most important specialities of Progressive Solicitors. It is important to know that after familiarising with your case (what takes usually 20-90 min), they may suggest you a no win-no fee agreement. It means that only if the lawyers are successful, you will have to pay for their work - otherwise, no bill will be presented to you. You can contact them if you live in England or Wales, or if you had an accident during holidays organised by a British tour operator.

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