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Numerous clients from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Sweden, Poland and other countries have already trusted Printmasta and have not been disappointed with the quality of products and the level of customer service. Their offer includes many services associated with printing or copying CDs, as well as Blu-rays and DVDs. They have a wide knowledge concerning various techniques, so they can adapt their offer to particular client's needs perfectly. If you want the products as soon as possible, they can provide you with express shipping.

CD Producer

You can decide on, among many other things, professional CD replication. This method is ideal for massive production (500 units or more) and allows you to save money. An important part of it is creating a glass master which is necessary for further pressing CDs (the same goes for DVDs). Such discs are supposed to be moulded from the beginning and produced with information already on them. You can send the file that should be placed on the replicated CD by Dropbox or WeTransfer. Another way is to copy it to the FTP server of Printmasta.

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