All about bio fireplaces - is a website entirely dedicated to the subject of bio fireplaces. If you like modern design, you will certainly find great inspirations there. Creators of these fireplaces have incredible imagination and come up with really surprising and unique projects. They can even refer to certain cultural concepts. For example, there are models resembling blocks from Tetris game or a helmet from Formula 1. Such a magnificent decoration makes the whole apartment or house look very stylish, what will certainly impress everyone.

Ethanol fireplace - lots of advantages

An ethanol fireplace combines lots of advantages. As it was already mentioned, it has high decorative values, but there are more positive aspects of having it. Namely, it is environment-friendly, contrary to its traditional predecessors. Burning ethanol does not result in polluting the air, while using coal or wood produces a lot of poisonous substances. As there is no smoke, no chimney draught is necessary, therefore, you can install a bio fireplace even in a simple flat. It can be mounted in a wall or just stand separately.

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